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First time Wood Lathe Owner

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If you're new to the woodworking world you've come to the right place. Here at WoodLathesInc we want to help you become an experienced wood turner. We're gonna make turning great again! What is wood turning, that's the skill of being able to craft wood spinning on your lathe with a variety of hand tools. We'll be able to help you buy what you need and help you get started to become a fantastic wood turner. 

Things to consider when buying your first Lathe:

  • Your budget
  • What do you want to be turning?
  • Lathe should have Morse-taper sockets in both headstock and tailstock

We'll start with your budget, you got to remember you'r not going to get much turning done if you only buy the lathe. You have to buy tools, chucks and accessories. You got to include these thoughts into your price if your going to barely begin building up tools in your workshop.


As for turning, if you want to turn tiny pieces for say a dollhouse or even pens, you might be interested in a mini lathe. A modest mid size lathe will be able to take care of any chair legs, table legs, knobs or other little items, including some bowls. If you plan to begin turning giant vases or say Sheridan bedposts, you will definitely need a heavy duty lathe with a few feet worth of space between-centers. (The workspace between the headstock and tailstock). 


Having morse taper sockets on your lathe will just make life easier. Most lathes you'll see already come with MT2 sockets on the spindle and tailstock.  These attachments come in set sizes so you'll be able to mix and match parts a whole lot easier, as opposed to buying a lathe that only can use its brand of chuck or tailstock center, now you can use multiple attachments.


These are just a few things you should be considering when making your first purchase but also the most ideal. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact customer support any time. Stay tuned for our next update on different types of tools!

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